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Carrie, Mark, and Jon – Online Class Experts

DMD is one of the oldest essay/paper services on the Internet.

We’re a small team from Boston, and we’ve helped with hundreds of dissertations, thesis papers, & classes.

The same writer will work for you every week, and if there’s a problem we’ll solve it fast.

We specialize in Education, Business Administration, and Nursing

Send files & assignment instructions to

Ask for a TRIAL: (150 words of the paper within 36 hours for only $15).

It’s okay to send very detailed instructions. Send files, a syllabus, a course description, or anything else that might help us make sure the paper is written exactly the way you need it to be.

Need more information?  Text your email address to (617) 299-1195.

We can save you a lot of time while you work toward the goal, enjoying the process and getting the most benefit from it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most papers cost $119 per 1,000 words. Here are some examples:

TRIAL (150 words): $15

500 words: $59

3 Pages, Double-Spaced: $108

15,000 words in 10 weeks at a rate of $179 per week.***I suggest a 150-word trial ($15), so you can see the writing style and decide if you want to have DoctorMyDocument write your whole paper.

Contact us with questions about your Literature Review, Discussion Posts, or a paper for your online class. No obligation – we’re glad to connect with you and exchange some emails.

If you want to show us something you’ve written, or send me instructions to write something for you, we’ll offer ideas or refer you to a writer whose specialization is aligned with your field of study.

We network with experts from many academic disciplines, so we can help with almost any project: Business, Nursing, English, History, Biology, Education, Psychology, IT & Computer Science, Social Science, Art/Design, Law, Organizational Leadership, Public Administration, and even some of the ‘hard’ sciences.We can write about specific business concepts, including: Strategic Management, Marketing, Economics, Leadership Theory, Corporate Social Responsibility, Management Studies, International Business, Global HRM, Internet Marketing, Intellectual Property Law, and many others.

To get started,

Text your email address to
(617) 299-1195

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • Thanks so much Jon, and please let the writer know he's insanely talented.
    Degree Candidate
  • Thanks for the amazing service Jon + writers. I will surely be using you guys when my new  semester starts in September. You guys saved me soo much valuable time.
    Degree Candidate
  • Great work by this same writer, as always. I love how you guys actually do the research on the topic, and actually seem like you enjoy writing about the topics!
    Degree Candidate
  • DoctorMyDocument is probably the best provider I have worked with on Elance. He is creative, thinks very hard about how to make the project a great success, gives regular status reports and is just a really kind person. He is my future provider for all work that has to do with writing persuasive articles and blog posts. Highly recommended!
    Ethan, Sales Manager

DoctorMyDocument is operated by a small team of inspired freelancers in the Boston area. We write academic and professional papers, advertisements, reports & presentations.

**Ask us how we can help with your thesis paper or dissertation.Tell us about the goal you are trying to achieve: (

  • Manuscripts & Memoirs.

  • Advertising Your Business.

  • Speeches & Presentations

  • Research Proposals, APA editing, Lit. Review, Research Design.

  • Resume & Professional Letter.

Get a price quote in 60 seconds, no obligation

Language Psychology is Fun & Powerful Magic

A subtle trance occurs naturally when people read, so we use “embedded commands” to plant suggestions that accelerate decision-making and inspire readers to take action. Over the years, we built a strong reputation for DoctorMyDocument by using neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to write great web content.

NLP is based on the principles of hypnosis. It’s a way of choosing the right words and structuring sentences in the best way for sharing ideas with another person. Where is the line between ‘getting the reader’s attention’ and ‘inducing a trance’? The words we choose affect the reader’s emotions and state of mind.

In face-to-face conversation as well as web content and other writing, NLP is a method for communicating the ideas and feelings that we want to communicate — instead of being misunderstood. The words we choose to communicate a message are as important as the message itself. We write and edit to help our customers express their ideas in a way that also creates a positive feeling in the reader. Some words can cause anxiety or sadness, and others are associated with a feeling of happiness or well-being.



Advertisements, APA Documentation & Formatting, Blogs, Brochures, Dissertations, Theses, Manuscripts, Research Studies, Resume/Professional Bio, Web Content. A Microsoft Word Expert checks the formatting & presentation, and a Copy Editor checks the grammar and applies the principles of persuasion, structure, and style in composition. We use Linguistic Psychology to introduce helpful thought patterns that make the reader feel comfortable and captivated — inducing a subtle trance, and energizing the reader.

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