A “Write-My-Paper” College Ghost from Massachusetts

I am a “write-my-paper” ghost. My clients are people who need help with online classes.

My website is Doctor-My-Document of Boston. I work for busy people in the United States. They need clear, straightforward writing with an American style to match their own.

Many of my clients are nurses (nursing papers at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral levels) & people who study Education, English, and Business Administration.

A Ghost Story

When I was in college someone offered, “How about $100 to write my paper?”

After I finished college, I got a 9-5 but I was still able to make more money writing papers.

Now I’m continuing to write papers for busy people in the United States. My service is in high demand, and I’ll tell you why:

1.) Greedy opportunists profit from Americans, so people in the United States pay more than anyone else in the developed world for things like healthcare and a college education.

2.) Trying to afford it, Americans work more hours and take fewer days off than anyone else in the developed world.

3.) In that rat race, people try to get ahead by completing their college undergrad or graduate degrees, but they have NO TIME for writing papers.

If you did all your own college work…

It might be frustrating to know people like me are completing assignments for other people. I get that, and I don’t want to project a cavalier attitude about it. I understand why it’s upsetting to many people. It is not fair that some people can afford to hire a write-my-paper ghost, while others have to do the work themselves. Hell, it’s not fair that some people are afford tuition and get educated while others shovel shit, but that’s the world in which we live.

If I did not write papers, I might work for some environmentally irresponsible business or I might be some kind of corporate lawyer or one of these profiteers in the pharma industry. Writing papers is NOT as bad as a lot of other professions. We have climate deniers in congress! It is a crazy world.

However, lately I see people in professions that seem 100% ethical. Recently I met a guy who is getting into our growing renewable energy industry. So I would also like to be more ethical in my profession.

As things are right now, I personally don’t think it’s unethical to write papers for people. I only work for adults, and they are adults just trying to make their way through this rat race alongside the rest of us.

Until we have a sane higher education system no longer corrupted by the profit motive, there will be people who have to work long hours to pay tuition. Those people will hire write-my-paper ghosts.

I guess the main idea I want to share is that my profession is a fact of life. It is part of America’s capitalist economy. We tell kids to work hard in school so they can get accepted to college and work hard there, and put it on a resume so they can get hire to work hard for the profit of a company’s shareholders, and keep working hard until they are dead.

I’m not participating in that. I’m self-employed, and I write papers. If you worked hard through your degree program and never hired someone to write a paper, you can feel proud of that accomplishment. The fact that other people hire ghosts like me doesn’t change anything about your accomplishment. If you’re very good at writing papers, you can join my network and we’ll profit together.