Advertsiting Copy

We can help promote your product or service with press releases, product reviews, blogs, tweets, web content, and forum participation! After a few good lines a “reading trance” occurs, so it is easy to catch the person’s attention. Intrigue the reader! Rhythm, assonance, and select “magic words” with powerful associations can put the reader in a positive state of mind so that s/he is ready to take action (i.e. contact you, buy your product, join your community, etc.).

Here is an example of a press release we wrote for one of our favorite clients:

A_press_release_we_wrote_in_May_2011 (1)

Send us information about your product/service, and we will twist up a powerful presentation! We will use web research to see what topics are important to the people you want to target with your ad. Then we will rework the content so the most important ideas are transmitted powerfully. We’ll choose words that tend to have positive associations and the reader will be left with a good feeling.

And if you’re wondering whether we are comfortable editing ad copy for your particular business, just ask us! We are always happy to hear from you at

It’s okay to email us your content or link us to your site, and we will give some suggestions about the best ways we can help.

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