Dissertations and Thesis Papers

We’ve helped with hundreds of thesis papers and dissertations. My own background is in Psychology & English, and I’ve also written for people getting degrees in Business, Education, Public Administration, Nursing, Literature.  The other DoctorMyDocument have similar experience, and some can even write about topics from the ‘hard’ sciences such as chemistry and physics.
Check out the portfolio here 

The portfolio has some examples of papers in APA style.  We can save you a lot of time while you work toward the goal, enjoying the whole process and getting the most out of it.

Ask for a TRIAL ($9, discounted) so we can show you an example of original, high-quality writing with citations to recent, professional journal articles. We’ll write the first 150 words of your project to show you my writing style. If you need a topic/concept paper written, we’ll write some of that to get you started. If you hire DoctorMyDocument to write for you, the rates are reasonable.

A Three-Page Paper (900 words): $108
Another example…
A thesis of 15,000 words in 10 weeks at a rate of $179.00 per week.You can use this form to send us your instructions http://doctormydocument.com/writing-service/
***I suggest requesting a 150-word trial ($9, discounted), so you can see my writing style and tell me if you like the approach we’re taking.

Most programs require you to complete one chapter at a time and submit it for approval, and that’s okay. Contact me with questions about your Lit Review, Research Questions, citations, or anything else. I’ll offer my best suggestions. No obligation, I’m glad to connect with you and exchange some emails.

If you want to show me something you’ve written, I’ll do some editing and offer ideas or refer you to a writer whose specialization is aligned with your field of study. I network with specialists from many academic disciplines, so we can help with almost any project: Business, Nursing, English, History, Biology, Education, Psychology, IT & Computer Science, Social Science, Art/Design, Law, Organizational Leadership, Public Administration, and many others.

Here’s an example of great writing about a depressing topic (on the right —>).  Enjoy!

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