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09 Oct

Taking an online class? We love writing for redditors.

***If you need help with an online class, email DoctorMyDocument is based in Boston. We write papers and discussion posts for online classes.  We’re a small, experienced team qualified to write at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and we can help with ANY online class. We are from the United States, so we use

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09 Oct

A writing service that treats people like friends

Writing papers for people in degree programs is hard.  Sometimes we get complicated challenges, and the writers say they’re unsure what to do.  My strategy is to pretend the customer is a friend I’ve known since childhood.  When you’re doing a favor for a friend, you almost always know what to do.  If you’re not

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05 Oct

College paper writing service – because higher education is a business now

Doctor-My-Document helps busy people complete their degree programs. We write college essays, research projects, dissertations, thesis papers, reports and presentations. Higher education has changed drastically, and now it costs 1,120% more than it did thirty years ago. It is a BUSINESS. Busy professionals need to spend every available hour to get results for their companies.

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02 Oct

Assignment Help in the United States

I’m Jon Griffin, a professional writer from Boston with 10 years of experience helping people through online classes, research papers, and the dissertation process.   Reliable assignment help in the United States is not easy to find.  Some websites don’t even have qualified writers, and they just sell the same papers over and over.  Others

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24 Sep

Bracing for impact – Memoirs from the passenger’s seat of Nana’s car.

When someone is 80 years old, driving becomes a death-defying expression of existential equanimity. My Nana has achieved some equanimity about life and death, and it’s as though her indifference is expressed through decisions she makes when she drives. The “rules of the road” are left behind, like structure left behind by an accomplished artist.

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20 Sep

Structure and paragraph topic sentences.

Academic writing encompasses too much to explain here, but I will offer one idea that may help you.  You will find some important insight if you search Google for this term: paragraph topic sentences The paragraph topic sentence is always the first sentence of the paragraph. To me, the way to write with excellent ‘structure’

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09 Sep

Hire a writer – essays, discussion posts, research projects, reading assignments, and graduate level papers.

I’m Nicole from DoctorMyDocument, and I write papers for graduate and undergrate students. I’m part of a small team of academic writers who specialize in Business, Nursing, and other areas. Got a paper we can write? Click over to DoctorMyDocument offers essays, discussion posts, research projects, reading assignments, and graduate level papers with quantitative or

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08 Aug

Concerned about the Live Meat Bar in Boston?

If you clicked over to this page, it means you’re a nice person, and we want to work for you. We write papers for busy people in degree programs. Hiring someone to write papers for your online class is not terrible, like a Live Meat Bar. We made up the whole Live Meat thing, because we

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16 May

How to Use the Person to Write a Research Paper

If you think you suck at writing papers, you might just be overestimating yourself. You might be thinking you can just write a paper at any time, like robocop or something. But the person needs time to read and think.  There is no such thing as just sitting down to write a paper. The person

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18 Apr

Anyone know how to make an order form similar to a ‘wizard’?

I wonder if anyone knows how to make an order form that is sort of like a ‘wizard’, so people can click NEXT, NEXT, etc., until they’re DONE. A wizard is so much cooler than an order form. We’re some of the most experienced writers on the Internet, because we’ve been doing it for almost

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