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20 Jan

We Write NURSING RESEARCH Papers and Presentations

My name is Jon Griffin, and I’m a freelance writer from Boston. My website is Some of the writers at DoctorMyDocument specialize in nursing research. Our clients are asked to work long hours while they continue their education, and sometimes it’s nearly impossible. We help nursing students at all levels, from LPN through DNP. 

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12 Jan

Getting a degree costs 1,120% more today. Focus on the real goal.

  Getting a degree costs 1,120% more today than it did 30 years ago, according to Bloomberg research. The global economy is competitive, and most of the people on this planet can’t access higher education. The ones who can afford tuition might also need to hire a writer because their jobs are more urgent, more

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14 Sep

Resume and Cover Letter Psychology

At DoctorMyDocument, we use language psychology to write powerful resumes and cover letters. To order resume/cover letter service, email and tell us about the position for which you’re applying. Below, you can find some tips about improving your resume & cover letter to influence the reader at the level of her/his intuition: Don’t make the

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08 Oct

Hire a writer for an online class? Trends in the United States

***If you need help with an online class, email If you write write your own papers for an online class, you are at a disadvantage. In the digital age, it is possible to hire help for online classes. If it’s possible, that means other people are getting help with their classes.  The result?  They

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