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06 Oct

The difference between “yet” and “but”

I think “but” is usually better. “Yet” is trying too hard, but “but” is just being himself. Sometimes you really need to use the word yet to show that the next part of the sentence tells something you might not have expected, yet I still think “but” is usually better! “But” accomplishes almost exactly the

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19 Sep

College paper/essay service reviews – DoctorMyDocument

It’s smart to research a company before ordering, but you can’t really trust any of the essay service reviews. Some reviews are positive, and probably written by website owner pretending to be a satisfied customer. Others are negative, but competing websites write fake negative reviews about one another all the time. And fake forum posts

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17 Sep

How to choose an academic paper writing service.

This article is for busy people who need to choose a reliable academic paper writing service.  I’ve been in the business for 12 years.  Here’s the lo down on the ho down: Anyone can order a paper from academic writing website and make changes so it fits her/his writing style. It saves a lot of

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08 Aug

Telling Secrets on Reddit – PROOF!

DoctorMyDocument recommends Reddit for anyone who likes things that are very real.  If you need a 100% original paper written by REAL people who follow your instructions, here is our order form. It’s okay to attach files and give very detailed instructions. If you prefer to send files and instructions by personal email, send to

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12 Jul

The proper way to use an academic paper writing service.

A student can order a paper from academic writing website and make changes so it fits her/his writing style. For example, English language-learners use the papers as guides to help them complete their own submissions.  It saves a lot of time, and it’s not cheating. This article is for people who need to be sure they

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25 May

Attachment Theory explains how people fall in love.

It seems like kind of a messed up thing to do to a baby, but it might save your relationship. Attachment Theory researchers have learned that humans bond with others who are consistently accessible and responsive.  Dr. Edward Tronick, PhD. of Harvard University demonstrates what happens when someone with whom we have bonded becomes unresponsive.

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14 Jan

Thanks for buying our book! Click below for the full text:

Addicted to NOT Smoking: A Hypnotic Trip into Cigarettelessness Thanks so much for supporting us with this purchase.  A receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. If you need anything, please email us at ***Some of your friends might need to hire a writer, but they don’t know who to trust for

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15 Feb

How to start a sentence with the words “I believe.”

What is the correct way to start a sentence with the words “I believe?” The correct way is to omit that stupid, awful phrase. I believe the best way to catch a ninja is to use some sort of humane trap that is not likely to cause injury. Just cut it right out of the

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13 Sep

College Paper Writing Service

I help busy professionals complete their degree programs (and my fee costs a LOT less than tuition). My college paper writing service is I write essays, dissertations, thesis papers, research reports and presentations – almost ANY kind of college or professional paper. Before you start telling me it’s unethical to write college papers, let

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