Choose a Great Research Topic with this Search Strategy

The writers at Doctor-My-Document use this trick to choosing a great research topic and “Testing” it to see if you can write a great paper about it.

Note: This search strategy is for undergraduate students.  If you are a doctoral degree candidate planning original research, you’ll need to use this strategy differently. Email and ask Jon for some suggestions about your research topic.  

This strategy is called: “Stop, and enjoy one article”

  1. Start by searching your school library database, or GoogleScholar, or one of the databases of scholarly articles like Jstor, EBSCOhost, Questia, etc.
  2. Search for any keyword + “literature review”
  3. Limit your search to articles published recently, within the past 1-2 years.

If you use this strategy, you will find an article that has a review of all the recent research findings about your topic.  You include “literature review” as a search term, so your article will probably be the kind of empirical (qualitative or quantitative) research article that has a section called “Literature Review”.  All you need to do is read a recent literature review about your topic, and you can see all the things scholars have been doing to learn about it.

You know you chose a good topic if you see that a lot of interesting studies have been written about it.  That means your research paper can be very interesting!

The best thing about this strategy is that you’ll become familiar with all the research studies people have designed in the past few years as ways to contribute to knowledge about your topic.  Every researcher looked at all the previous research and asked herself/himself, “What would be the most useful way for me to design a research study (using interviews, surveys, statistical analysis, etc) to contribute to what we have learned about this topic?” When you read a Literature Review, you it’s like reading a story about the research topic and the way people have tried to view it in new ways, disagree with one another, suggest different ways of thinking about it, etc.

It’s all pretty fascinating, and that’s why we love our work.  Hire us to help with your dissertation, capstone project, or an online class.  Busy people need reliable writers to help with their degree programs!

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