Did you think it would cost thousands to have your own website?

You were right. It usually does.  But some of our writers are WordPress experts, and they can set you up with a simple website for only $288.

Our “Simple” Website Service includes:

  •         Creating a simple website with a theme you like.
  •         Two email addresses like ‘support@yourbusiness.com or name@yourbusiness.com.

I asked the web developers to streamline their process and make a very simple but awesome website. Your website will have options like:


The ‘Simple’ Website Service is perfect for most of my clients, because they need time to think about what they will really want to do with their websites. Your WordPress site will be as easy to use as Facebook – and a lot more professional.

Getting started is the toughest part, but we make it easy:

Trial ($19 deposit) – See a few options for the site design, and choose one you like. After the trial, pay $269 to have the site completed.

To get started, email Help@DoctorMyDocument.com and ask for a Website Service trial ($19), or TEXT your email address to (617) 299-1195. After the trial, your site can be completed for $269.

Our WordPress design team hopes you’ll hire them again in the future, every time you come up with new ideas for changes to the site, or new elements.

When you think of changes you want to make, they’ll charge some kind of fee.  The rate is based on how much time they need to spend on the task. This is how they make their livings, so they do hope you’ll want a lot of work done.  We promise the prices will be reasonable.