Will you follow my instructions and write a 100% original paper?

Yes, every time.  If you are a new customer, it might be best to start with a TRIAL for $9.  Just follow this link http://doctormydocument.com/writing-service/ and select 150 words. $9. We’ll write the first 150 words of your paper to show you the writing style and the approach we’re taking.

Is hiring a writer ethical?

Yes, everyone should hire a writer if they can afford it.  When my clients see how I approach their topics, they become better researchers and writers themselves. How much collaboration is too much? It’s a matter of opinion. And it’s smart to hire a writer when doing something important, like running for office or writing a professional paper.

Will you include an APA reference list for free?

Yes, if you order a 3,000-word paper, you’ll get 3,000+ words of content for the paper.  The reference list (bibliography) is included at no extra charge, and it does not affect the word-count you’ll get in the body of the paper.

How long does it take for you to write or edit for me?

When you order writing service, there’s a place on the order form where you can set the deadline. We hope you can allow at least 48 hours, but if you need faster service please email us Help@DoctorMyDocument.com and tell us about your deadline.  If you need editing service, it usually takes 24-48 hours but for larger projects we might ask for extra time.

How can you help with college papers?

We can write a new paper, or we can edit one you already wrote.  We are fluent in all the major citation styles — APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago. With DoctorMyDocument, editing for term papers, thesis papers, and dissertations usually costs less than other kinds of editing. Academic writing is easy for us, and we can offer a great value for you.  

Do you have experience writing thesis papers and dissertations?

YES, we have helped with hundreds of graduate level papers.  We can write a concept paper, proposal, literature review, data analysis, or any other aspect of a paper.  We can also edit based on feedback you received. If the topic is outside the scope of our knowledge, we will refer you to someone who specializes in your area of study.  

If I order editing service, can you improve my English grammar and writing style?

Any time you need perfect English, it’s okay to hire us for a quick, easy grammar edit.  We will also make suggestions for using English in the best way for any situation. Many of our clients are professional people who need high quality writing, and some of them are bilingual/multilingual people who learned English as a second language (ESL). Some are completing a degree programs, and others are promoting their businesses.  

What will DoctorMyDocument do to improve my writing?

 We’ll edit for perfect English and a powerful, persuasive presentation.  Your writing is supposed to make the reader want to do something — accept your application, buy your product, register for your website, give you a scholarship — and we can change the English in ways that will make the reader want to respond to you.  

What can I learn from a professional writer?

Hiring a professional writer adds a whole new dimension to your own writing. I have a lot of insight to share about the way to hit the reader hard with a powerful, clear presentation. 

APA (excerpt) Management Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility




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