Instrumental (Focus) Music with Rain/Nature sounds

I suggest listening to two audio tracks simultaneously to overwhelm the conscious mind and get you to that deep place, where we dig up our best writing:

  1. Open a tab and listen, for example, to some Baroque music.
  2. Open another tab, and cue up some “torrential rain”.
  3. Burn some incense, or light a candle.
  4. Drink coffee or tea, if you’re into that sort of thing, or do whatever you do.
  5. Then, allow the attention to rest on the screen. Allow the wrists to rest on the keyboard. The senses are overwhelmed with input, and it’s all NICE input.

The person is in a great place right now.

And the best writing has to come from that great place.

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Some words just feel good to read.. it’s like a weight is lifted.

Well, when you know it’s possible to go into a deep state of mind, restful focus and deep, deep presence in this moment, here-and-now – then it becomes interesting to learn about various techniques for hypnosis INDUCTION.

Can you INDUCE a trance in your own person, so the person enters that profound state of mind, the origin of all the best essay writing – help the person enter that state of mind with RAPID INDUCTION of a trance.

Here’s how it works, and some hypnotists might argue with the way I explain it but if they really understand the principle that is at work they will know why I explain it this way:

RAPID INDUCTION is a method for bypassing the censorship usually performed by the conscious part of the mind. Various methods are used to overwhelm and occupy that little censor in the mind, that little man who hesitates about everything.

Bypass that little man, and get to the deep place were essay writing is supposed to happen.

Don’t you agree that the real reason students are judged with their college admissions essays is that people want to know if they can enter a deep state of mind? Of course they need to have mastery of language, but an essay is more than just excellent grammar and vocabulary. An essay reflects a state of mind, just like any other art.

The artist always goes into a trance.