PROOF: Aug 27, 2017 IamA Personal assistant to busy professionals in degree programs

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer but I knew that was not a real career. It was the same as being a starving artist. But now we are in the Information Age, writers! Everything is completely different now. You actually can make money by writing, because:

People are too busy to write papers and complete assignments. Some people work such long hours that it is insane for them to think of also writing papers.

People are still trying to learn English, and they need help.

People have professors who do not clearly explain the way to write a research proposal, and they need a dissertation consultant.

The online classes are so poorly put together, no one is paying any attention, and people just hire writers to take them through those useless, convoluted classes.

The best writers are usually redditors .  : )