Resume & Cover Letter Service


I like writing resumes, but it takes a lot of time.  A resume is not useful unless it’s supercharged with the real energy of inspiration.  That chill up the spine, when you drop into a state of mind where you can access the real idea you want to convey.  There is only one idea the reader will remember after looking at your resume.  What do you want that idea to be?

We’ll include some high-energy writing that gives the reader a jolt, & makes you memorable.

One great strategy is to portray yourself as the earnest type of person who takes pride in doing a good job.  Everybody wants to hire that type of person.  Some people work hard and feel great about it — but others are complicated, and they overthink everything.  Maybe we are all neurotic, but the hiring manager wants to find people whose neurosis leads them to be perfectionists about doing a good job and being recognized for it.

We can include an Executive Summary at the top of the resume, because it’s a great opportunity to express a message the hiring manager will actually read.


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