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Secret Formula for Admissions Essays

Many people think there is no single best way to write a winning admission essay – but those people are wrong. Here it is:

**Write about a short-term goal.** Specifically, it should be a goal you can best achieve while doing your studies at their particular school, rather than a different school. That way, the A/O reader can know s/he is making a real difference by giving you this opportunity.

Example: You are a humble and idealistic fan of one of the professors at the school to which you’re applying. You’ve read a book this professor wrote, and you already have an idea for a research project that builds on her findings from a research article she published in a professional journal. She is the reason you became interested in your major in the first place.

Of course the A/O reader is going to favor you if you hero-worship one of the professors! Unless she is a sociopath, she will want to make it a success story.

Another example: You want to attend this particular school because it is located near your aunt, who is somewhat isolated and does not get many visitors. If you express that you hope to attend this particular school and visit her for lunch twice each week, the A/O reader is going to favor you.  S/he is going to love the real-ness of it, and as her act of self-expression she will play her part, and favor you.

It’s not about writing well.  The A/O reader might not like your style of writing, even if it’s brilliant.  A writing style is like a musical genre; people like different things.

*The A/O reader wants to experience herself/himself as intelligent, complicated, quirky, and wise.

The A/O reader responds favorably or unfavorably to your essay as an act of self-expression.*

I concocted the secret formula based on this awareness that people are expressing themselves to themselves in every moment. People don’t give a damn whether your write well, and they don’t care about your self-expression. When you write the essay, it’s about the A/O reader’s self-expression.

So, it’s not just about writing well.  It’s about whether or not you have short-term goals. Write about short-term goals, because they’re a sign of real inspiration, and inspiration is contagious. Inspire the reader with your short-term goal. Let her express her intuition and affirm her life’s meaningfulness by favoring an application from someone with real motivation evidenced by a short-term goal.

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