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Or text your email address to Rachel, Tom, Jon, & Mark at (617) 302-8024.

“Simple English” – Papers with short, clear sentences.

I write papers for a lot of bilingual/multilingual English learners. They need me to write in “simple English” with short, clear sentences.

If someone is struggling with a language barrier, I can help.

You can send me a syllabus, and I’ll write papers for you every week. I can also write discussion posts for an online class. If necessary, I’ll rent the textbook from Amazon.

I work with other online class assistants all over the United States. Many of my clients are nurses, teachers, Business Administration students, or graduate students completing thesis papers and dissertations. The digital age is a time of “globalization”, so all the cultures of the world are smashed together. If you learned English as a second language (ESL), let me write some papers for your college class.

Text your email address to (617) 299-1195 or email the instructions to Help@DoctorMyDocument.com ***If you prefer gmail, you can send instructions to DoctorMyDoc@gmail.com

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