Best Academic Writing Service in the United States? Reddit Reviews.

I got a call from someone who thinks Doctor-My-Document is the best academic writing service in the United States.

I asked him why he thought that, and he said, “It’s what people on Reddit say.” I reminded him not to believe everything he sees on Reddit.  Last time I was looking at reviews on Reddit, I saw somebody suggest OP should rob a bank. Another time someone said “Water is poison.” So, don’t believe everything you read on Reddit.

But he still might be right when he says Doctor-My-Document is the best academic writing service. In the United States, it’s hard to find reliable writers.  Most writing services you can find with a Google search are based overseas, where people have a very different writing style.

“It’s not just the Reddit reviews,” he said. “My friend is the one who told me about you guys, and she said you saved her in grad school.  If you wrote a doctoral dissertation for her, I’m pretty sure you can handle my Business Administration 106 class.”

He’s right about that.  We can knock any Business Administration class right out of the park.  One of us will rent the textbook and start following along with the lectures each week. I don’t know if we’re the *best* academic writing service in the United States, but for a Business Administration class we’re at least as good as any other American writing company.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s possible for any website to say it’s the best writing service in the United States.  But Doctor-My-Document was created in 2005, so it’s definitely one of the oldest academic writing services.  People have given us a lot of good reviews. I don’t know if that makes it the “best”, but at least it proves we’ve been able to stay in business a long time.

And over the years, we developed a specialization in Business Administration, so I think we’re a safe choice for anyone with that major.

The Internet is full of writing services, some in the United States and others abroad.  In addition to choosing a service that gets good reviews, it’s also important to choose one that can provide a writing style similar to your own. The trick is to find a writer with a style you like (i.e. so, it’s usually a good idea for degree candidates in the United States to hire writers from the United States, to get an American writing style).

Rather than asking about the best academic writing service in the United States, it’s better to ask, “Which is the best academic writing service for me?”

If you inquire with Doctor-My-Document, we’ll sell you a TRIAL for $15 so you can see the writing style and decide if you want to hire us.

When you buy a TRIAL, your writer reviews the instructions and writes a few paragraphs of the paper.  That way, he can show you the writing style & the approach he’s taking.  We use straightforward, no-nonsense academic English, and we follow instructions carefully.

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