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The Strange Lifestyle of the Academic Writer-For-Hire

If you'd like to try working as a professional paper-writer, I hope some ideas in this blog will help you get started. (And if you need to hire someone to write a paper, email

25 Sep

College paper writing services are not unethical.

Working class American rat racers are trying to survive and thrive. If you need a degree, you should do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. This video explains five reasons why college paper writing services are NOT unethical. A college degree can be a key to a better life.  But sometimes, a person might

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30 Dec

Online Writing Services: A New Industry Born of the Information Age

Writing services certainly are not new, but the role they play in society has changed.  Good news, writers! You can make a living doing what you like. Online writing services will hire anyone who follows instructions carefully and knows how to cite sources in APA format.  If you have some Facebook friends who would like

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25 Oct

Writing services can help with more than just college essays.

When you search online for writing services you see hundreds of so-called “essay writing services” and “online class help” websites.  Then, if you look in the classified ads, it’s the same thing.  Listings for writing service are dominated by academic essay/paper writing services, because those are the services in the highest demand. I think it’s

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11 Dec

Paper-writing help in the United States

You probably found this page because you were searching online for paper-writing help. You’re in a degree program, and it takes up a lot more time than you can give. Surely, there must be other people in a similar situation, right? Right.  More than ten years ago, I started writing papers full-time.  I am a

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15 Sep

Nursing Papers & Online Class Help for Nurses

I’m Jon from Doctor-My-Document, and I’ve been writing NURSING papers for more than ten years. This video will show you how to get some help with your nursing class. Did you know there are writers who specialize in APA style format? That’s the citation style you need to use in your nursing classes. The same

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04 Aug

To find paid writing gigs, start by creating a brand.

This post is for new freelancers, clicking around online in search of paid writing gigs. It’s just some helpful advice I wish someone had given me when I was starting out: Use your brand name when you bid on a paid writing gig. Here’s what I say sometimes: “I’m Jon Griffin, a writer-for-hire from Boston. My

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22 Jul

What’s it like to be an American academic paper-writer?

My favorite thing about working as an academic paper-writer is how smart it’s making me.  I research important topics all day, every day!  It doesn’t even feel like work. Most of the time, I’m writing papers in APA format.  My clients are nurses, teachers, or students of Business Administration. Some of them are bilingual/multilingual English learners

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