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If you'd like to try working as a professional paper-writer, I hope some ideas in this blog will help you get started. (And if you need to hire someone to write a paper, email

09 Sep

Hire a writer – essays, discussion posts, research projects, reading assignments, and graduate level papers.

I’m Nicole from DoctorMyDocument, and I write papers for graduate and undergrate students. I’m part of a small team of academic writers who specialize in Business, Nursing, and other areas. Got a paper we can write? Click over to DoctorMyDocument offers essays, discussion posts, research projects, reading assignments, and graduate level papers with quantitative or

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08 Aug

Concerned about the Live Meat Bar in Boston?

If you clicked over to this page, it means you’re a nice person, and we want to work for you. We write papers for busy people in degree programs. Hiring someone to write papers for your online class is not terrible, like a Live Meat Bar. We made up the whole Live Meat thing, because we

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16 May

How to Use the Person to Write a Research Paper

If you think you suck at writing papers, you might just be overestimating yourself. You might be thinking you can just write a paper at any time, like robocop or something. But the person needs time to read and think.  There is no such thing as just sitting down to write a paper. The person

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18 Apr

Anyone know how to make an order form similar to a ‘wizard’?

I wonder if anyone knows how to make an order form that is sort of like a ‘wizard’, so people can click NEXT, NEXT, etc., until they’re DONE. A wizard is so much cooler than an order form. We’re some of the most experienced writers on the Internet, because we’ve been doing it for almost

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20 Jan

We Write NURSING RESEARCH Papers and Presentations

My name is Jon Griffin, and I’m a freelance writer from Boston. My website is Some of the writers at DoctorMyDocument specialize in nursing research. Our clients are asked to work long hours while they continue their education, and sometimes it’s nearly impossible. We help nursing students at all levels, from LPN through DNP. 

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12 Jan

Getting a degree costs 1,120% more today. Focus on the real goal.

  Getting a degree costs 1,120% more today than it did 30 years ago, according to Bloomberg research. The global economy is competitive, and most of the people on this planet can’t access higher education. The ones who can afford tuition might also need to hire a writer because their jobs are more urgent, more

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