College paper writing services are not unethical.

Working class American rat racers are trying to survive and thrive. If you need a degree, you should do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. This video explains five reasons why college paper writing services are NOT unethical.

A college degree can be a key to a better life.  But sometimes, a person might enroll in a class and discover that the it’s a huge waste of time.

American college paper writing services are not causing a problem.  They are the solution to a problem that already exists. I’m sorry to bring bad news, but the profit motive has already ruined American higher education. Most people don’t make enough money to afford tuition, anyway, and if they do make enough money it’s probably because they’re working 60+ hours. That’s one of the reasons busy professionals use a college paper writing services.

Another reason people use paper writing services is because they’re not good at writing, or they’re still learning English. Despite all the new instructional methods made possible by modern technology, educators still overuse paper-writing as a method for instruction and evaluation.

Other people use paper-writing services because their classes are not teaching anything of real value. Sometimes the material taught in class does not correspond to real-world practice and application (i.e. especially in healthcare/nursing), so the coursework has irrelevant information and it does more harm than good. A lot of classes are just one big vocabulary lesson full of terminology to memorize and papers to write. The classes are being taught online now for maximum efficiency and profit; everyone has forgotten the importance of students interacting with teachers, like humans? Modern college classes happen without the students ever even meeting their teachers.

We can’t expect anyone to improve online degree programs. There is no incentive to improve them. What does it even mean to improve a class or a degree program? It depends on what you consider to be the purpose of education.  Opinions about that vary.  Ultimately, the status quo prevails.

College is part of the American capitalism money-making machine.

When colleges ask students to write papers, it’s a brilliant business model!  Requiring students to write papers is the ultimate way for a business (the college) to make the consumers (the degree candidates) create some of the value they’re paying for!  Graduates feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment that comes from all the hard work they did, and even though tuition was expensive it was worth every dollar because they have this great sense of accomplishment that they created through their own hard work.

As an instructional method, paper-writing is old and obsolete.  It’s the way people were educated back before they even had computers. Over-reliance on paper-writing preserves the status quo in American higher education. Over the years, people become complacent.  This is true in all industries, including the higher education industry.

Paper writing services are not unethical, because American higher education is already screwed up, and it already involves way too much paper writing.  The rising cost of tuition is part of the way the investor class exploits the working class. They don’t just exploit them through labor; they put working class people in lifelong debt before they have even entered the workforce.

Over-reliance on paper-writing gives native English speakers an unfair advantage.

If you say everyone should write their own papers, you are kind of like one of those intolerant white nationalists who get all scared of immigration.  We live in a globalizing world now, and a lot of linguistically diverse people need degrees.  It’s nice for you if you grew up speaking English, but for some people who learned it as a second language, it’s difficult to write papers. In the digital age, having perfect English grammar is not as important as it used to be.  Writing papers is not as relevant as it used to be.  The over-use of paper-writing as an instructional method perpetuates the hegemony of native English speakers in a diverse world.  A resourceful English learners might decide to even the playing field by using a paper writing service.

Over-reliance on paper-writing gives verbal/auditory learners an unfair advantage.

Some people learn well by writing. (I’m one of those people). But others learn well by doing (i.e. hands-on, kinesthetic learning, also called haptic learning), and others are ‘visual learners’.  Through over-reliance on paper-writing as a curricular requirement, American higher education unfairly gives the advantage to the verbal/auditory learners. But the people with all the power feel fine about this!  The investor class needs to limit the number of working-class people who can complete degrees and elevate themselves.

Half of the time you spend on paper-writing has nothing to do with your field of study.

Academic writing is all about learning how to use APA style citations and format.  USELESS!  Using APA style is meticulous, tedious work that must be done just for its own sake, and without any application to real-world professional practice.  There is a whole book written about how to use APA format correctly.  I bet you had a professor who as a real stickler for correct APA. Of course you did! We all did, because nitpicking a degree candidate’s APA is an easy way for a professor to give obligatory criticism without investing any real thought and energy.

Did you ever question why paper-writing is used so much more than other instructional methods? Asking someone to write a paper is a strange way to teach them something, but it’s a great way to make the student do all the work and minimize the work/expense for the business (the school selling the degree the consumer needs).

Imagine how much more time the professor would need to spend if s/he used an “interview assessment” or problem-based/project-based instruction instead of requiring a paper; the professor would need to actually spend several minutes or an hour with each student. An interview or problem/project approach would be a great way to teach or evaluate, but it’s rarely used, because it’s a lot more work than assigning papers.

You might enroll in a class and discover that it’s 100% useless nonsense.  In real life, if you need to write something you don’t want to write, and it’s going to take up your whole weekend, you hire someone to write it.  You don’t spend your whole weekend doing it.

American rat racers are trying to survive and thrive. Sometimes, the only way to complete a degree program is to hire an assistant to write papers every week. For help with a class, visit