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Resume, Cover Letter, Long-Form LinkedIn Articles, & “Simple Website Service”

If you’re a professional seeking better employment opportunities, let’s establish you as a “thought leader” in your field.

  • If you’re a nurse we can post long-form articles about public health issues to your LinkedIn profile.
  • If you’re a teacher, we can create a website for you with a forum for increasing parental involvement in education.
  • If you’re a manager, we can write scholarly blog-posts about leadership and employee engagement.

Then, we’ll improve your resume & cover letter with links to the pages where hiring managers can see that you are a thought leader writing about current events and important concepts for people in your profession.

Try our service for $15, and let us show you what we can do.

If you like our work, let us write a long-form LinkedIn article for your profile page ($168).

You can also try our…

Simple Website Service (3 payments of $168). 

  • Everyone is on LinkedIn, but most people don’t have websites.
  • A WordPress site is as easy to use as Facebook and a lot more professional.
  • A link to your own website sets you apart from everyone who relies on LinkedIn. You can still have a LinkedIn profile, but now it will include a link to your own site.

Your website will have options like:


You can have a webpage www.YourName.com or www.YourBusinessName.com (if those domain names are available) and your own professional email address like Name@YourBusinessName.com. It’s really cool.

It will be a WordPress site, completely separate and independent from other websites. It will have no connection to any other business or brand, and you can shape it into whatever type of site you want it to be.

The service is provided by independent web contractors who freelance through DoctorMyDocument. With their creativity and efficiency, it’s possible for you to have a simple website for just three payments of $168.

This service includes:

  •         Creating a simple website with a theme you like.
  •         Two email addresses like ‘support@yourbusiness.com or name@yourbusiness.com.

When you think of changes you want to make, they’ll charge some kind of fee.  The rate is based on how much time they need to spend on the task. This is how they make their livings, so they do hope you’ll want a lot of work done.  We promise the prices will be reasonable.

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