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Website Service

Thanks for checking out this page about DMD’s ‘Simple’ Website Service. 

To get started, email Help@DoctorMyDocument.com and ask for a trial ($19), or TEXT your email address to (617) 299-1195. After the trial, your site can be completed for $269.  

People who hire writers through DMD are feeling inspired as they make progress toward their goals. You all need websites.

  • Everyone is on Linkedin, but most people don’t have websites.
  • A WordPress site is as easy to use as Facebook and a lot more professional.
  • A link to your own website sets you apart from everyone who relies on Linkedin. You can still have a Linkedin profile, but now it will include a link to your own site.

I invite you to enjoy more great work from my network of experts:

A Website for Your Personal Brand

Your website will have options like:


Think of something you’d feel comfortable sharing as a website:

  •         Resume & professional bio
  •         Portfolio of your work.
  •         List of services or products.
  •         Your Blog.
  •         A cause that is important to you.

You can have a webpage www.YourName.com or www.YourBusinessName.com (if those domain names are available) and your own professional email address like Name@YourBusinessName.com. It’s really cool.

It will be a WordPress site, completely separate and independent from other websites. It will have no connection to any other business or brand, and you can shape it into whatever type of site you want it to be.

The service is provided by independent web contactors who freelance through DoctorMyDocument. With their creativity and efficiency, it’s possible for you to have a simple website for just $288.

This service does not include anything extra. : )

I asked the web developers to streamline their process and make a very simple but awesome website. This is perfect for most of my clients, because they need time to think about what they will really want to do with their websites.  Get a simple website started now, and enhance it later.

That is exactly what the web developers want you to do.  They hope you’ll hire them many times as you come up with new ideas for changes to the site, or new elements.

This service includes:

  •         Creating a simple website with a theme you like.
  •         Two email addresses like ‘support@yourbusiness.com or name@yourbusiness.com.

When you think of changes you want to make, they’ll charge some kind of fee.  The rate is based on how much time they need to spend on the task. This is how they make their livings, so they do hope you’ll want a lot of work done.  We promise the prices will be reasonable.


Promoting Your Site

Hire us to improve your web content, and we’ll edit for perfect grammar, efficiency, sentence structure, and ‘feel-good’ words to send the reader into a great state of mind.

We use social media, press releases, strategic blogging, forum marketing, reviews, and testimonials to help business owners build a better web presence.

Professional writers can use Search Engine Optimization, articles, links to your page, and many other methods to promote your products and services.

Here is an example of a press release we wrote for $69:  A_press_release_we_wrote_in_May_2011 (1)

Send us information about your product/service, and we will twist up a powerful presentation! We will use web research to see what topics are important to the people you want to target with your ad. Then we will rework the content so the most important ideas are transmitted powerfully. We’ll choose words that tend to have positive associations and the reader will be left with a good feeling.

And if you’re wondering whether we are comfortable editing ad copy for your particular business, just ask us! We are always happy to hear from you at Help@DoctorMyDocument.com

It’s okay to email us your content or link us to your site, and we will give some suggestions about the best ways we can help.

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