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I’m Jon from Doctor-My-Document. I’ve helped with hundreds of online classes, dissertations, capstone papers, thesis papers, and professional publications.  I write papers for people completing degrees in Nursing, Business Administration, and Education.

I’m part of a small team of experienced writers from Massachusetts, and we cooperate with writers all over the United States.

We know you need original papers you can check with Turnitin, and if you’re from the United States you probably need a writer with an American style of English to match your own. You need intelligent, personalized service from real people who will follow instructions and write great papers.

Doctor-My-Document can help with your whole class. We enjoy our work, and we’re good at it. Our writing service is for people who need American English, i.e. writers from the United States.

The SAME person will work for you each week, so the style can stay the same.

Every paper includes a free reference page with all the cited sources.

  • Start with a TRIAL for $15. You can see 175+ words of your paper. We’ll cite 2 or 3 articles and include a reference page in APA style. After the trial, if you like our work you can pay for the rest of the paper.

  • Postgraduate writing: $129 per 1,000 words. Example: Get your 30-page research proposal written in ten weeks for $116/week.

  • Undergraduate papers: The price is usually $119 per 1000 words. Example: Get a short paper of 450-500 words written for $54.

It’s difficult to find reliable writing services like us in the United States. If you feel overwhelmed in your college class, text me your email address.  You’ll feel a lot better when you see the kind of writing I can provide. It’s straightforward, no-nonsense, American English writing in concise APA format (or whatever format you need).



TEXT your EMAIL ADDRESS to (617) 299-1195 and I’ll set up a TRIAL for $15.

When you place an order, you’re helping talented writers make their living by doing what they enjoy.

For every new order, we donate a dollar to the Environmental Defense Fund.