Online class “Help” in the United States: Why take a class if you’re just going to hire someone to write papers?

College is exciting for kids who still get help from their parents, but it’s completely different for working professionals. It’s just a lot of damn work. It’s something they have to do for their jobs.

How much time do you spend each week writing papers for an online class?  Four hours? Ten hours?  What if you grabbed some overtime at work and used the extra money to hire someone for online class help? You could work a few extra hours, collect some extra money, and pay a professional paper-writer to work for you every week.

Busy people in the United States want help with online classes.

Let’s be clear about what it means to hire someone for “academic writing” or “online class help”. What kind of “help” do you think you’ll get?  They’re going to write the papers!  You’ll save a lot of time, but it’s because you have someone emailing you papers and discussion posts every week. You’re not getting online class help.  You’re outsourcing the work!

So, what is the point of taking a class if you’re just going to hire someone to write papers?

It’s easy to understand why people in the United States need online class help.  Professionals in the working class are rat-racing around for 50-60 hours every week, and it’s insane for them to try to write papers when they get home. It’s insane to work from early in the morning until late at night.  The idea that “people can succeed if they just work hard” is a myth propagated by the investor class to keep the working class under control.

Why take a class if you’re just going to hire someone to write papers?

If you still live with your parents and you have enough time to focus on your studies, then don’t order online class help.  Don’t be lazy.  Try hard, and learn as much as you can in your class.  Even if you are an English learner, you can still try hard and find your way forward. You can get a tutor.  Don’t look for online class help if you have time to write papers.

But if you’re already part of the workforce and you need to complete a degree to make a better life for your family, then I hope you’ll get to your goal any way you can. You can still learn all the material taught in class. You can edit and revise the papers after your assistant writes them for you.

The Internet has changed the way people think about college.  Back before the dawn of the Internet Age, when cavemen were listening to Milli Vanilli on their cassette tapes, people had to look in an Encyclopedia Britannica or go to college to learn about a topic. But now, they can watch tutorials about anything on GoogleVideo. The phone in your pocket contains more knowledge than all the colleges and encyclopedias in the world.

Nowadays, people use web research to learn.  Completing a college degree program is something they do for their work.


Okay, but it’s probably complicated to hire a writer…?

It takes one email.  Send me the instructions, and I will write a paper for you tomorrow. I always have time for new customers.

  1. I will use APA style citations (or any other citation style you choose).
  2. Every paper comes with a free title page and reference page.
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  7. If you’re an English learner and you need ‘Simple English’ we’ll write papers with short, clear sentences.
  8. Rates: $119 per 1000 words (undergrad level) or $129 per 1000 words (grad level).

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