Paper-writing help in the United States

You probably found this page because you were searching online for paper-writing help. You’re in a degree program, and it takes up a lot more time than you can give. Surely, there must be other people in a similar situation, right?

Right.  More than ten years ago, I started writing papers full-time.  I am a paper-writing help professional from Massachusetts.  You can send me a syllabus, or tell me about your class, and I’ll get started right away completing all the assignments and discussions.

Paper-writing help is in high demand. It’s a new industry, growing in the United States.  A lot of people ENJOY writing papers for a living.  They want to work for people like you – people who work a lot of hours and need help to keep up with their degree programs.

When your professor assigns a 10-page paper, that might be difficult for you because you have to do your research and writing when you get home from work every day.  And every day, you have some work that you have to take home with you, so it’s always on your mind.  It’s nearly impossible to shift your attention to the task of writing a research paper, because you have real-world stuff going on with your job and family.

Paper-writing help is a new kind of business that is growing fast.  Many people in the United States are looking for ways to make money by writing, and many other people urgently need help with their assignments & research papers.  Working class people in the United States need to complete their degree programs, but their employers and families demand a lot from them, so the result is that a lot of people need paper-writing help or they’ll have to drop out.

Did you know that you can hire a writer to work for you every week?  One person can rent the textbook from Amazon and follow along with the class, doing all the papers and even the discussion posts.  It’s difficult for you to make time for classes, but that’s because you’re trying to balance it with your job in the real world.  For a paper-writing help professional, your class is his or her job in the real world.  They have plenty of time for reading lectures, writing article critiques, participating in online discussions, and even helping with other tasks like slide presentations or team projects.

Sometimes, the only way to complete a degree program is to hire an assistant to write papers every week. For help with a class, visit

Important, wealthy people have assistants for all kinds of things, including their graduate studies.  People who have enough money can get help with just about anything, so that enables them to maximize efficiency and reach even higher levels of success.  Maybe you’re not the wealthiest person in the world, but you can still probably afford paper-writing help.  Experienced writers in this business charge around $30-$40 per page, and most online classes around 50 pages of writing in total.  That means you can complete a ten-week class with ten payments of $179. Or they can write your 25-page PhD research proposal for half that price.

It’s a little bit expensive, but it saves people SO much time.  This is not a service for young kids who live on campus; busy people who work a lot of hours can afford to pay a few hundred extra dollars each month to paper-writing help.

I’m Jon Griffin, and I write papers for busy people in degree programs. I’m still accepting new clients, and I work with a lot of talented paper-writers.


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