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By using our service, you agree to the following terms:

1.  Our clients must only use our service in ways that comply with the academic integrity policies of their schools. Before placing an order with DoctorMyDocument.com, you should check your school handbook or contact your school officials to make sure that using our example writing, research, and editing services will not violate your school’s guidelines. If you use Doctor-My-Document’s services, you comply with your school’s academic integrity policy and never claim authorship of any document provided by a writer affiliated with Doctor-My-Document.

2.  DoctorMyDocument.com works as an agent to facilitate interaction between service providers and their clients. Service providers write example papers that help people achieve their goals in their degree programs and professions. The example papers, example slide presentations, example essays, example research papers, and other example documents are provided by independent contractors.

3.  By using this website, you agree to defend, hold harmless, and expeditiously indemnify doctor-my-document from any liability, claim, loss, damages or expenses arising out of your breach or violation of any representation, warranty or obligation contained in these terms and conditions, or resulting from your use of this website.

4.  We rely on the integrity of our clients, certain that our model writing, research, and editing services will be used solely for legitimate purposes, ie. As a model, starting point document for research use. Our clients are expressly prohibited from representing our work as their own product (that includes putting their name on our copyrighted material). Clients shall not reproduce their model paper, either in whole or in part, without citing the appropriate references used to prepare their final and 100% original product.

5.  All essays, term papers, research papers, book reports, dissertations, executive summaries, speeches, and any other documents researched, written, edited, or developed by DoctorMyDocument.com are intended for research, guidance, or reference purposes only.

6.  DoctorMyDocument.com, its contracted freelance writers, and its agents do not condone any kind of academic dishonesty or plagiarism, and we reserve the right to refuse to service to anyone we suspect of such behavior.

7.  Your contracted writer reserves the right to refuse to work on your project if s/he suspects that it is going to be used in a way that violates academic ethics or is illegal under state and federal law.

8.  In the unlikely event that a situation beyond our control delays delivery of your order in the timeframe specified, such as Internet failure, DoctorMyDocument.com will not be held liable. If your order is delayed, it will be completed as soon as possible, and your money will not be refunded.

9.  DoctorMyDocument.com reserves the right to base its works on any material available – including online publications, magazines, scholarly journals, news sources, and reference books, not inclusive – unless otherwise specified in the order.

10.  While deadlines are not “guaranteed,” every effort is made to meet them. If there is any delay of more than a few hours, you will be notified in advance.

11.  We believe our products will meet or exceed your expectations. However, DoctorMyDocument.com is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses suffered as a result of the consumer’s choice to request the services of DoctorMyDocument.com.

12.  DoctorMyDocument.com’s liability on any claim, including negligence, shall not exceed the price paid for that service.

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