To find paid writing gigs, start by creating a brand.

This post is for new freelancers, clicking around online in search of paid writing gigs. It’s just some helpful advice I wish someone had given me when I was starting out: Use your brand name when you bid on a paid writing gig. Here’s what I say sometimes: “I’m Jon Griffin, a writer-for-hire from Boston. My brand is “Doctor-My-Document” (Search Google!).”

If you want to get paid writing gigs, start a brand for yourself. When you express interest in a paid writing gig, the first thing that happens is the buyer will search google for you and see what you’re all about. If you have no brand, they’ll have to search for your name and that’s fine if your name is also your brand name. But the point is, they better find some search results. If they get a proposal from you and one other freelancer, and the other freelancer has a brand, then of course the person with the brand is more likely to get the gig.
What do I mean when I say “have a brand”? It’s really simple. Choose a brand name, and start a blog using that brand name as the name of the blog. Then, a FB business page. Then, maybe a youtube channel, etc. After that, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Use your brand name when you set up your profile.
The idea is to create a situation where people will find a lot of search results if they search for your brand name. The buyer doesn’t want to hire some random, unemployed person – the buyer wants to feel smart about the decision. It’s a lot easier to feel smart about hiring someone if they have a brand that can be found with a google search.
Starting a brand is one of those obvious things we might forget to do. Writers get tunnel vision and go very deep in thought, sometimes overlooking obvious things in their pursuit of paid writing gigs. I started this sub to share ideas with other inspired freelancers, and I think choosing a name for your brand is a good place to start.
Too bad you’ll never start a brand… You won’t feel comfortable summing up your writing/art with a brand name unless the brand is perfect. It will seem good enough, so you’ll never start it, and I’ll keep getting all the gigs. : -)