What’s it like to be an American academic paper-writer?

My favorite thing about working as an academic paper-writer is how smart it’s making me.  I research important topics all day, every day!  It doesn’t even feel like work. Most of the time, I’m writing papers in APA format.  My clients are nurses, teachers, or students of Business Administration. Some of them are bilingual/multilingual English learners with language barriers, and others are busy professionals who don’t always have enough time to write papers.

My second favorite thing about being a paper-writer is making my own schedule.  Usually I work only 3-4 hours in the morning and 3-4 more hours in the afternoon.  I think that’s reasonable.  It gives me the option to bring my laptop to one cool work atmosphere in the morning, go somewhere else for lunch, and then do my second work session in a different cool work atmosphere in the afternoon.

When I first started working as an academic writer-for-hire, I could only complete a few pages of writing each day. I’m a faster paper-writer now, but even when I was writing very slowly it was a big step up from the job I had previously.  When I switched to writing papers, it gave me money and had more freedom.

The paper-writer lifestyle

The best work day I’ve had as a professional paper-writer was a trip to the casino.  I was working on a research proposal for a dissertation.  I’m not going to say what my client’s topic was, because that’s top-secret, but I can tell you I was designing the kind of research study where the researcher interviews people to get their opinions about something.

My job was to write a review of research articles about my client’s topic and write about their research findings. Then, I could come up with a research question for my client to try to answer in her dissertation.

I started my day with a morning run, and then I called an Uber to bring me and my laptop to Union Station.  I got on a bus with about 20 senior citizens who were going to spend the day at Foxwoods.  On the way there, I skimmed through several research articles and wrote about 500 words. When we arrived, I continued my work at a breakfast restaurant inside the casino. I challenged myself to write at least 1,000 more words before playing any of the slot machines. I reached that goal, and then I kept writing for 90 more minutes because I had so much momentum!

Something about being in the high-energy environment of the casino gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas for how to write about these research studies I was reading.  When I finally allowed myself to gamble, I limited it to $100.  But after putting just $20 in a “progressive” jackpot machine, I won $700!  Right in that moment, I made a decision to ignore that win and go right back to my paper-writing.  I didn’t put a single dollar of that money back in the machines.

Instead of reinvesting my winnings back in the slots and losing it all, I went to the Atrium Bar to drink some coffee and finish writing my client’s paper.  I wanted a Bloody Mary, but I didn’t order one because I have learned that a single sip of alcohol takes away my ability to write.  Seriously.  I lose all my paper-writer mojo if I try to have a drink while I write.  I know William Faulkner was able to get hammered and write, but I need to be sober.

I stayed at the casino hotel that night and had an awesome time.  It was a Friday, so a few events were happening, and I met people from all over the world.  Around midnight I finally got that Bloody Mary and talked with some people from Australia. That’s a typical workday in the life of an American academic writer-for-hire.

Advice for someone who wants to work as an academic writer-for-hire?

An academic writer-for-hire needs to spend a lot of time researching, writing, editing, and revising each paper. The research is what takes the most time.  But over the years, I learned to catch myself each time my attention started to wander.  “You are only making money when you hear the clicking of the keys,” I often remind myself.  Now that I know how to manage my mind and my time, I can complete several hundred words in each work session.

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